Why should products be limited to a price or a brand ? Isn't the action of buying also a way to acquire a use, a lifespan, a certain type of production, a story, a culture ?

What if packaging could bear knowledge about the object sold ? Supermarkets and grocery stores would become places where we learn and understand how the products we intend to buy are made. How would our dailylife be if every product was always sold with its own knowledge ? What new relation to objects and products would that build ?

"Buying knowledge" raises the question of object information in the sphere of consumption. This fictionnal project claims a different perception of our purchases. The new packagings bear exclusively knowledgeable information, which is laser printed directly onto the material.


Prospective project - creating a fiction around the packaging of our everyday consumables. The project intends to transform these packagings into an encyclopedia. Consuming becomes therefore a way to acquire knowledge.

No ink is used for the printing. The informations are directly laser printed onto the material.