Food seems to be going through a very strong refinement crisis. Everything we eat, especially in cities, has gone through a very wide range of transformations. This drags us away from a real knowledge of food's original state.

We may notice it through the whiteness of our flours and sugars, and also throught a real loss of food awareness.

"Un-refine" events try to claim a more knowledgeable relation to our food. They take place in associative restaurants where "un-refined" meals are delivered at a very low price during one evening. "Un-refined" cooking, serves very weakly transformed food and produces no waste. Every part of every vegetable is used at least once. This requires a real knowledge of food and some imagination.

The idea is to spread out new flavours and knowledge through collective experiences, and encourage more grasp and understanding on our ways of living.

Claiming a more knowledgeable and informed relation to food.