Through my practice, I try to enhance sustainable ways of producing objects. My experience in an eco-village in India has had a great influence on me. This trip has lead me to the question of industry, and to ways of producing in general. I am now attached to working in a perspective of sustainability (whether it is physical or social), and favor the use of natural and weakly transformed materials.

Moreover, I always try to settle my work in a specific place. How ? By taking in account the geographical, cultural roots of materials and expertises within each project. My will is to make the highlighting of each locality a design constraint. I put a lot of importance in analysing each situation / site, and it often becomes the trigger of new projects.

I have had the occasion to travel to Japan, India and to work in Paris with people from very different cultural backgrounds. It was over these experiences, that I have developped a real interest in cross-cultural projects and sustainable developpement.

Today I'm looking towards collaborating with startups, companies or design studios which share the same perspective.